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It’s always great to start a New Year with some good news and FD Signs is delighted with the start of 2020! After many years of being a sub-contact sign suppler, we are delighted to say that we are now London Underground “Approved Sign Makers “

As one of the largest, busiest underground systems in the world there is a continual need for signs of all kinds to ensure that the public and staff are always fully informed.

FD Signs have already supplied;

  • Directional signs to ensure that the public can quickly and easily find the correct platform for their journey.

  • Warning signs which help to prevent accidents and incidents, in what can be a dangerous environment.

  • Maps to help passengers around a complex system of lines and destinations.

  • Information signs to reassure staff and the travelling public.

  • Door signs to prevent unauthorised access, or to identify a utility.



FD Signs staff are also fully accredited to install signs on London Underground, with most of this work taking place at night.

Autumn winter 09/20

Over the last few months, FD Signs has provided signs and graphics for some new clients, who have all been a pleasure to work with.

Grosvenor House Redhill


Over the Christmas break the FD fitting team were busy digging the foundations for a new double-sided totem sign to be erected in Redhill. A steel ground cage was duly cemented into position and left to dry for the next 2 weeks. This sign for clients Orbit Developments, is 5 metres tall so in need of substantial foundations.

The sign is constructed from stencil cut aluminium panels , with illuminating acrylic lettering on both sides . The lettering is lit by low power LED modules. This whole assembly is mounted over a mild steel subframe, all thoroughly painted to ensure longevity.

At the same time the team installed an illuminating fascia sign to the front of the building. The lettering on this sign was constructed in 3D from stainless steel which is illuminated from inside to create a halo when lit. Two very interesting and different signs

Angling Direct

Angling Direct is another company that we have recently supplied signs for. Their new outlet has a very outdoors/rustic look with a fascia constructed from wood. And the FD signs brief was to match the colour of this fascia as closely as possible with wooden letters,

25 mm thick marine quality ply was router cut to spell out the name. The edges were cleaned and sanded before the wood was carefully treated with a clear varnish for protection. The letters were then mounted on stand off fixings to give a “floating “ effect and as you see here , the whole thing looks pretty impressive.





Just in case you hadn’t noticed we have added some new features to our website that can all be accessed below or from the top of the home page. We are often asked to explain “how and why” about signs so we thought that we would produce a couple of articles to guide people through our world… Signmaking

There are 3 topics covered

For anyone new to purchasing a sign, which can at times seem a bit daunting, then you will find this item useful “How to buy a sign”

If you already have some artwork and want to send it to us , then this one is for you  “Artwork tips” 

If you are starting a new business, and want to make the most out of the investment that you will make in a sign, then take a look at “Design tips”

If you don’t want to read all this then simply call us

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