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The cost of an accident wherever it happens can be enormous in both human and financial terms. Likewise, failure to comply with Health and Safety regulations can cause an unnecessary diversion away from the main reasons you are in business.

Employers and Employees have a joint responsibility to ensure that the work place is a safe environment

At FD Signs we supply a wide range of generic safety signs or we design then specifically to identify and warn of specific hazards within your business. FD Signs can also produce safety signs in several different materials to match your existing signs, these include stainless steel, white acrylic, brass, or simple PVC.


FD signs can help with free advice and building surveys.

  • Red safety signs are to prohibit dangerous activity and to identify a fire alarm and firefighting equipment

  • Yellow safety signs warn of potential hazards such as wet floors, high voltage and trip hazards

  • Green safety signs indicate a safe condition, for example a safe route out of a building or where to get First Aid.

  • Blue safety signs convey mandatory instructions, such as the wearing of safety footwear and hard hats.

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